Who’s There for Communities? Cindy Pao, CAC Committee Chair

Who’s There for Communities? Meet the CAC Team for 2016 -2017

Community leaders will be glad to hear that once again, the STC Community Affairs Committee (CAC) has got their back in 2016-2017. If you need help, feel stuck, or just want ideas, look to the CAC as your connection to STC resources, Board of Directors, and staff.

Let’s introduce this year’s team so you can reach out.

Cindy Pao

Chair, Community Affairs Committee

Lead, Geographic Chapter Outreach

Lead, Leadership Program 2017

Cindy Pao is the chair of the Community Affairs Committee, CAC for short.

  • As chair of the CAC, Cindy manages a team of top-notch community leaders to provide service and support to all of STC’s communities and liaises with the STC Board.
  • The Geographic Chapter Outreach team works proactively and reactively with the chapters in North America.
  • The Leadership Program (on May 7, 2017) is a half day program for our STC community leaders where we discuss how to run a community, best practices for managing a community, and celebrate the successes of our communities.


During the day, Cindy is the Lead Technical Writer of IT policies and procedures for the Harris Health System in Houston, Texas.

Contact Cindy if you have questions about getting help from the CAC.

Read more about Cindy at http://www.stc.org/about-stc/leadership/board/item/cindy-pao-2?category_id=12

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