Virtual Leadership Program speaker schedule

Did you sign up to attend our Virtual Leadership program yet? You can sign up on Eventbrite.

Here is a list of the speakers and topics we are planning for the Virtual Leadership Program. All times shown are (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time.

Time Speaker Session Room
10:00 Cindy Pao Welcome and explanation of the day 1
Chris Lyons Welcome 1
10:30 Emily Alfson The Basics of Running a Community 1
11:00 Jane Wilson Financial Responsibilities 1
11:30 Emily Alfson Tools for Organization 1
11:52 Roger Renteria Web Development 1
12:15 Adriane Hunt Welcome 1
12:45 Ben Woelk Internet Security 1
13:30 Bobbi Werner Using Targeted Contact Lists 1
13:30 Maryann Bowen STC Webinars as a Springboard for Networking 2
14:00 MaryKay Grueneberg CAA Application 1
14:00 Betsy Maaks Taking Time to Celebrate! 2
14:30 Rick Lippincott Beginning Social Media 1
14:30 Viqui Dill Advanced Social Media 2
15:00 Roger Renteria Adobe Connect 1
15:00 Lori Meyer Succession Planning 2

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