Techcomm Game Day!

It seems like no one’s going anywhere this year for Thanksgiving (Thanks, 2020!) but we’ve all still got two much needed days off and we all know that no one ever gets anything done on that pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday afternoon.

So, since you don’t have to pack up the car, join us instead for some fun playing games online with your peers, your colleagues, and your friends!

Come to Techcomm Game Day!

When: Wed, Nov 25th, 2020 @ 5:00 PM Eastern (or 4:00 PM Central/ 3:00 PM Mountain/ 2:00 PM Pacific…)

What do you need to do?
Set up some accounts and get access to both the audio conference channel and the online games website.

You can find instructions and information about what to expect, here.

We really hope you join us.

Need to see it first so you can decide?
You can come try things out in advance! We’ll be doing a practice run on Sat, Nov 21 @ 12PM Eastern (11 Central, 10 Mountain, 9 Pacific). Sign into the audio conference channel then.

Any other questions? Email Tim Esposito

**Note: This is not a CAC Event–just a fun STC event! 🙂