STC Competitions Judges Training Video

STC Competition Judges: Did you miss the training webinar on October 25th? You can watch the video here.

Find out more about the STC Competitions on the STC Notebook blog.

Carolina Chapter:  
Contact:  Betsy Kent betsykentnc@nullcom

Chicago Chapter:   
Contact: MK Grueneberg

New York-Philadelphia-Atlanta-Rochester Regional Competition:
Contact: Malu Schloss competition@nullnet

Washington DC-Baltimore Chapter:
Contact: Richard Bogacz competition_manager@nullorg

West Michigan Shores Chapter:   
Contacts: Peggy Frizzo
and Sandy Balkema

Virtual Leadership Program recordings and handouts

Here is a list of the speakers and topics from our Virtual Leadership Program on June 18, 2016 with links to the recordings and slide pdfs.

Speaker Session Topic Slides as pdf
All speakers bios and headshots   icon_pdf pdf
Cindy Pao and Chris Lyons Welcome and explanation of the day
icon_pdf pdf
Emily Alfson The Basics of Running a Community
icon_pdf pdf
Jane Wilson Financial Responsibilities
icon_pdf pdf
Emily Alfson Tools for Organization
icon_pdf pdf
Roger Renteria Web Development
Adriane Hunt Leadership
icon_pdf pdf
Ben Woelk Internet Security
icon_pdf pdf
Bobbi Werner Using Targeted Contact Lists
icon_pdf pdf
Maryann Bowen STC Webinars as a Springboard for Networking
icon_pdf pdf
MaryKay Grueneberg CAA Application
icon_pdf pdf
Betsy Maaks Taking Time to Celebrate!
icon_pdf pdf
Rick Lippincott Beginning Social Media
icon_pdf pdf
Viqui Dill Advanced Social Media
icon_pdf pdf
Roger Renteria Adobe Connect
Lori Meyer Succession Planning
icon_pdf pdf


#STC16 Leadership Program resources

Many thanks to the organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and attendees of our #STC16 Leadership Program.

Here are pdf versions of the resources we used for the program:

And lots of photos, courtesy of Rick Lippincott.

More resources to come:

And don’t forget to give us your feedback in our short survey. Your responses will help us plan for #STC17.