Announcing the STC CAC 2017-2018

CAC for the 2017-2018 program year

Core Team

  • Chair: Liz Herman
  • Vice Chair: Jessie Mallory
  • Education: Rachel Houghton
  • Communication: Ramesh Aiyyangar
  • Outreach: Lloyd Thompson-Taylor and Tavia Record
  • Advisory Members: Jackie Damrau and Ben Woelk


  • Education: Steven Jong (Webinars), Roger Renteria (Adobe Connect), Tim Esposito (Websites)
  • Communication: Greta Boller
  • Outreach:
    Students: Jessie Mallory (Lead), Kiranmayee Pamarthy
    SIGs: Jamye Sagan (Lead), James Bousquet
    Chapters: Bob Young, Roheena Dhunjeebhoy


STC Office and Community Affairs Committee (CAC) Responsibilities

Use the information in the following table when your community needs assistance.

See this table as a pdf.

CAC Leads: A member of the CAC is responsible for completing this task.
CAC Supports: A member or members of the CAC will help complete this task.
STC Leads: A member of the STC office staff is responsible for completing this task.
STC Supports: A member or members of the STC office staff will help complete this task.

Community (Chapter or SIG) Lifecycle Event CAC Leads STC Leads CAC Supports STC Supports
1.0 Initiating a Chapter or SIG
1.1 Respond to queries about process and forms X X    
1.2 Bring motion to create to the Board X X    
1.3 Initiate a web site and hosting, update STC web site   X X  
1.4 Set up and administer email lists   X    
1.5 Generate a new tax ID (chapters)   X    
1.6 Request and receive budget request   X X  
1.7 Receive funding   X    
1.8 Update Leadership database   X X  
1.9 Ensure access to community membership reports   X X  
1.10 Send welcome email; offer suggestions for programming and other resources X X    
2.0 Running a Chapter or SIG
2.1 Develop and update bylaws (chapter) X     X
2.2 Describe leadership roles and hold an election X     X
2.3 Plan chapter events     X X
2.4 Assist with Adobe connect and facilitation   X X  
2.5 Advertise Chapter events (social media, newsletter, etc)     X X
2.6 Develop annual financial report template, complete, return to STC       X
2.7 Develop of annual budget request template, complete, return to STC       X
2.8 Assist with succession planning X      
2.9 Provide general assistance to maintain vitality X      
3.0 General Assistance to all Communities
3.1 Develop, update, and maintain the Community Handbook, leadership calendar, community success plan, and related procedures X      
3.2 Organize and manage Leadership Day X     X
3.3 Schedule and deliver community-member-only webinars   X X  
3.4 Sponsor and administer community membership drives   X X  
3.5 Submit information for community awards X     X
3.6 Schedule and deliver community-leader webinars X     X
3.7 Periodically contact communities to offer support X      
3.8 Post Society and CAC events on website and social media X      
4.0 Shutting down a chapter or SIG        
4.1 Assist in troubleshooting issues X     X
4.2 Assist in merging with another chapter if appropriate X X    
4.3 Dissolve chapter or SIG X X X  


Saturday June 18: Virtual Leadership Program

Join us for the Virtual Leadership Program on Saturday, June 18th.

7:00 am Pacific / 8:00 am Mountain / 9:00 am Central / 10:00 am Eastern
Saturday, June 18, 2016

Register on Eventbrite 


About the webinar

The Leadership Program was presented in person at the 2016 Summit and is now being offered virtually! At the Virtual Leadership Program, you’ll hear from other STC leaders about what they do, meet the award-winning communities’ leadership, and get information about how you can make your community a success! We will run two concurrent tracks so you will always have two sessions to choose from.

This webinar will be recorded.

About the Audience

The Leadership Program is for anyone currently in a leadership position or interested in joining the leadership of a chapter or SIG.

About the Speakers

See our list of speakers and topics here.


Saturday, June 18, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM (EDT)

Register on Eventbrite 

What is happening at the #STC16 Leadership Program?

The STC CAC invites all leaders past, present and future to join us for a morning of connecting and learning. Please join us for the #STC16 Leadership Program on Sunday May 15, 2016 from 8:00 am – 12:30 pm PDT at the Anaheim Marriott Platinum 3 & 4.

This year’s program will be a little different and for good reason.

You spoke out. We listened!

After the #STC15 Leadership Program in Columbus, you gave us lots of great feedback. You spoke out about what you liked. You spoke out about what you didn’t like. We received suggestions about how to improve the program and we listened. This year’s program will incorporate many of your suggestions.

Community basics

This year’s program includes a focus on the basics. What is a community and how on earth do you run one? We will learn about resources available to leaders, including the Community Handbook, the Treasurer’s Handbook, email lists, social media, and networking.

Fill Your Toolbox

We will take a look at tools for organization: Dropbox, Google Apps for Nonprofits, and OneDrive. We will dive into web development using WordPress and we will address social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, and Hootsuite.

Breakout Sessions

Our breakout sessions will include Adobe Connect, CAA application, social media, and succession planning.


Award winning communities will share their superpowers. Presentations include “Framing a Gala Event that Sponsors want to Support!” by the Chicago Chapter, “Using Targeted Contact Lists for Reaching Writers in Your Area” by the Rochester Chapter, and “Using STC Webinars as a Springboard for Networking Events” by the Southeastern Michigan

It’s FREE to all STC members

Best of all, this new improved program will be free of charge to all STC members. Many thanks to the Conference Committee for making this happen.

Want to know more?

See the growing list of attendees and watch for updates on the STC Summit schedule and then make plans to join us.

The program handout is now available in pdf format. STC16 Leadership Program Trifold

Did we mention that it’s free?