Now Available: Webinar: 2021 Annual Community Budgeting Process

Thanks to James Bousquet, STC Treasurer, guide us through this year’s annual community budgeting process on October 6th, 2020. This was a great webinar for STC community treasurer and community leaders. After attending this session, Community leaders should be all set to submit their community’s budget properly and on time this fall. Filing your income tax returns in the spring was also covered.

This video is also found in our Leadership Resources>Leadership Webinars page.

STC Office and Community Affairs Committee (CAC) Responsibilities

Use the information in the following table when your community needs assistance.

See this table as a pdf.

CAC Leads: A member of the CAC is responsible for completing this task.
CAC Supports: A member or members of the CAC will help complete this task.
STC Leads: A member of the STC office staff is responsible for completing this task.
STC Supports: A member or members of the STC office staff will help complete this task.

Community (Chapter or SIG) Lifecycle Event CAC Leads STC Leads CAC Supports STC Supports
1.0 Initiating a Chapter or SIG
1.1 Respond to queries about process and forms X X    
1.2 Bring motion to create to the Board X X    
1.3 Initiate a web site and hosting, update STC web site   X X  
1.4 Set up and administer email lists   X    
1.5 Generate a new tax ID (chapters)   X    
1.6 Request and receive budget request   X X  
1.7 Receive funding   X    
1.8 Update Leadership database   X X  
1.9 Ensure access to community membership reports   X X  
1.10 Send welcome email; offer suggestions for programming and other resources X X    
2.0 Running a Chapter or SIG
2.1 Develop and update bylaws (chapter) X     X
2.2 Describe leadership roles and hold an election X     X
2.3 Plan chapter events     X X
2.4 Assist with Adobe connect and facilitation   X X  
2.5 Advertise Chapter events (social media, newsletter, etc)     X X
2.6 Develop annual financial report template, complete, return to STC       X
2.7 Develop of annual budget request template, complete, return to STC       X
2.8 Assist with succession planning X      
2.9 Provide general assistance to maintain vitality X      
3.0 General Assistance to all Communities
3.1 Develop, update, and maintain the Community Handbook, leadership calendar, community success plan, and related procedures X      
3.2 Organize and manage Leadership Day X     X
3.3 Schedule and deliver community-member-only webinars   X X  
3.4 Sponsor and administer community membership drives   X X  
3.5 Submit information for community awards X     X
3.6 Schedule and deliver community-leader webinars X     X
3.7 Periodically contact communities to offer support X      
3.8 Post Society and CAC events on website and social media X      
4.0 Shutting down a chapter or SIG        
4.1 Assist in troubleshooting issues X     X
4.2 Assist in merging with another chapter if appropriate X X    
4.3 Dissolve chapter or SIG X X X  


Quick(en) and Easy Budgeting webinar September 16, 2016

adobe-connect-bwUpdate: Watch the recording via Adobe Connect at

Slides on Google Drive

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Friday, September 16, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (EDT)

About the Webinar

It’s budget season again! Learn the basics of creating an STC community budget and the requirements for requesting STC funding for your community. Also, learn how to use Quicken to track your community finances and speed through your budgeting process.

This webinar will be recorded.

About the Audience

This webinar is for STC community leaders (especially treasurers) and future volunteers, who are encouraged to register and attend online or watch the recording.

About the Speakers

Jane Wilson LinkedIn

Jane Wilson is Senior Manager of Technical Writing at GE Digital Applications Engineering and the Treasurer of the Society for Technical Communication.


Timothy Esposito candid.JPG

Timothy Esposito is an STC Associate Fellow with over 15 years of technical communication experience. He is currently vice president of the STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter. Before becoming VP, Timothy was chapter treasurer, webmaster, and scholarship manager. He lives just outside Philadelphia with his wife, son, and two retired greyhounds.


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Virtual Leadership Program recordings and handouts

Here is a list of the speakers and topics from our Virtual Leadership Program on June 18, 2016 with links to the recordings and slide pdfs.

Speaker Session Topic Slides as pdf
All speakers bios and headshots   icon_pdf pdf
Cindy Pao and Chris Lyons Welcome and explanation of the day
icon_pdf pdf
Emily Alfson The Basics of Running a Community
icon_pdf pdf
Jane Wilson Financial Responsibilities
icon_pdf pdf
Emily Alfson Tools for Organization
icon_pdf pdf
Roger Renteria Web Development
Adriane Hunt Leadership
icon_pdf pdf
Ben Woelk Internet Security
icon_pdf pdf
Bobbi Werner Using Targeted Contact Lists
icon_pdf pdf
Maryann Bowen STC Webinars as a Springboard for Networking
icon_pdf pdf
MaryKay Grueneberg CAA Application
icon_pdf pdf
Betsy Maaks Taking Time to Celebrate!
icon_pdf pdf
Rick Lippincott Beginning Social Media
icon_pdf pdf
Viqui Dill Advanced Social Media
icon_pdf pdf
Roger Renteria Adobe Connect
Lori Meyer Succession Planning
icon_pdf pdf