Celebrate National Superheroes Day with the CAC!

The CAC invites all STC Superheroes (AKA STC community leaders and volunteers) for a fun, virtual meet-up on April 28, National Superheroes Day from 6:00 – 7:00 PM EDT.

We’ll celebrate with activities (your superpowers can take a night off), conversation, and door prizes (must be present to win). This is an informal event, so join us as your schedule allows. The meet-up is open to all STC leaders and volunteers (not limited to enrollees in the CAC’s STC Superheroes Journey Incentive Program).

Our generous donors are:

  • XML Press, a book from their catalog; Dr. Judith L. Glick-Smith (MentorFactor, Inc.), lessons from real superheroes with Flow-based Leadership: What the Best Firefighters Can Teach you about Leadership and Making Hard Decisions
  • Sonos, a Sonos One Speaker!

What better way to celebrate the CAC’s 2020-2021 theme “The STC Superhero Journey” than an event dedicated to real and fictional superheroes! See you there.


FUN FACT:  According to the National Day Archives website, The Marvel Comics team created National Superhero Day in 1995 to celebrate heroes in real life and in fiction.