CAC Incentive Program – The STC Deep Sea Adventure

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CAC Incentive Program

As an STC community leader you are a manager, facilitator, planner, innovator, and much more. As a volunteer you balance serving your community’s members with a career, family, academics, and other interests and pursuits.

This year the CAC is taking a deep dive into the topics that STC leaders told us were important to them. The CAC invites STC leaders and volunteers to embark on an exciting journey by enrolling in the CAC’s new incentive program, “The STC Deep Sea Adventure.” Intrepid enrollees will go on a “deep dive” into the tools and strategies that will strengthen their communities and outreach goals.

Program Description

The incentive program is offered during the CAC 2021-2021 season (August 2021 – June 2022). Like last year, STC enrollees earn points for completing activities to strengthen their communities. As you master each level and dive deeper into the watery unknown, you will come closer to this fantastic journey’s ultimate goal: the discovery of sunken treasure and its mysterious contents. As with all adventures, there will be a few surprises along the way.


All STC members who participate in CAC activities, including the CAC team members (who are also volunteers in their own STC communities) may participate in the program and earn badges.


Enrollment is voluntary. To begin your adventure, complete the STC Deep Sea Adventure Enrollment Form. You will receive a welcome badge at the start of your mission.

Danielle Villegas, CAC Communications Director, is returning as the incentive program’s liaison. This year Danielle will be working with our CAC Diving Instructor. Last year’s Superhero Information Broker has left for another assignment to parts unknown.

Become a Treasure Diver!

Just as divers must master skills before they can advance to the next level, you will learn new techniques and gain leadership experience as you progress through the program’s levels.

Are you ready to take a deep dive into your existing practices and challenges and embrace new ways to invigorate your community? Dive in! The STC Deep Sea Adventure has launched!

Level Description Points to qualify
New Diver Divers begin their training by learning the basics and being comfortable in their new environment.
You’re on board, foot off the dock, ready to jump in! It’s just a matter of feeling comfortable in your volunteer role. Just as divers depend on diving buddies as they explore the unknown, you can count on the STC community during your leadership journey.
Safe Swimmer After divers learn the fundamentals and safety skills, they are ready to put that knowledge into practice.
You have learned the foundations of leading a community. You’re ready for more challenges!
Confined Water Diver Divers first test their new skills and abilities in a limited area.
Now you’re ready to test the waters and try something new in your community. You have gained the skills and experience to start a deeper dive! Within some limits, you are learning to navigate your way through deeper water.
Open Water Diver Divers are now prepare for the rigors and challenges of exploring their underwater world. It’s not about the number of dives, but rather a diver’s skill level.

Here’s your final diving test–this is your opportunity to show the skills you’ve mastered. You could put a Navy SEAL to shame!

Master Diver Divers who reach this level possess a high level of commitment and dedication. They have a proven record of achievement.
Aquaman has nothing on you! You can dwell among all the creatures of the deep, and navigate through rough seas! You have embraced new ways to invigorate your community and mentor new STC volunteers.
STC Deep Sea Adventure Treasure Congratulations, on a job well done! Your dedication and hard work has strengthened your STC community and earned you the honor of unlocking the sunken treasure.
The CAC’s Deep Sea Adventure incentive program has ended, but your STC leadership journey continues

The STC Deep Sea Adventure Point Chart

The following chart lists the CAC-related activities and points awarded for each. Unless noted, your points will be automatically awarded.

Item No. Activity Point Value
1. Serve in a community leader role for the CAC Incentive Program year (August 2021 – June 2022) (as defined by your community).

*Serve in 2 or more positions = 2 points

2. Serve as a first-time volunteer in a leader role for your community during the CAC Incentive Program year (August 2021 – June 2022). 1
3. Join the STC Slack workspace.
*If you are already a member, you are eligible for the point.
4. Join the CAC’s # leadership channel on the STC Slack workspace.
*If you are already a member, you are eligible for the point.
5. Register for a CAC educational webinar. 1
6. Email Danielle, the STC Deep Sea Adventure CAC liaison, about how you used a tip, tool, or activity you heard about in a CAC webinar or meet-up in your community. 2
7. Present a CAC educational webinar. 3
8. Attend a CAC virtual meet-up. 1
9. Host a CAC virtual meet-up. 2
10. Attend the in-person Summit Leadership Day. 3
11. Register for the virtual CAC Leadership Program. 3
12. Write an article for the CAC’s monthly newsletter. 3

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