CAC Outreach Chart

The CAC Outreach Chart offers professional chapter, student chapter, and SIG (COP & COI) leaders direct access to CAC team members for guidance and helpful tips on a wide variety of topics. The topics apply to all communities, unless noted.

If you do not see a topic that applies to your inquiry or have suggestions for the chart, please contact Ann Marie Queeney, CAC Chair at We look forward to hearing from you!

CAC Community Outreach Chart: How May We Help?

Topic Ann Marie Queeney Alex Garcia Jamye Sagan Lori Meyer John Clement Danielle Villegas Sharon Ford
Community Formation
Chapter bylaws X            
Chapter creation, merger, dissolution X            
SIG creation, dissolution, re-assignment (COP/COI) X            
Chapters: Budgeting process & financial reporting   X X        
Chapters: tax filing   X          
SIG (COP): Budgeting process X   X        
Overall Operational Strategy Planning
Goal setting X X   X      
Strategy meeting (in-person)   X          
Strategy meeting (virtual or hybrid) X X          
Annual strategic plan X X   X      
Recruitment X X         X
Retention X X   X     X
Recognition X     X     X
Leadership /Officers
Recruitment X X   X      
Training X X   X      
Recognition X     X      
Succession planning (smooth transition) X X   X      
Volunteers (one-time, long and short-term)
Recruitment X            
Training X X   X      
Recognition X X   X      
Retention / transition to leadership X X   X      
Student engagement   X     X    
Educational Programs (pre, day of, and post-event activities)
Webinars X X   X      
Conferences (in-person)           X  
Conferences (virtual or hybrid)              
Social Events (pre, day of, and post-event activities)
Virtual meet-ups X X   X      
In-person events   X          
Mentor Program (establishment,mentor & mentoree recruitment)
College / academic outreach   X     X    
Professional / career changers   X          
Blog   X   X   X  
Newsletter X X   X     X
LinkedIn   X   X   X  
Facebook   X X X   X  
Twitter     X     X  
Slack X X