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The STC Superheroes Journey

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CAC Incentive Program

As an STC community leader you are a manager, facilitator, planner, innovator, and much more. As a volunteer you balance serving your community’s members with a career, family, academics, and other interests and pursuits.

In other words, you are a superhero!

The CAC team is recognizing your contributions and the power of the STC community with a new, fun incentive program: The STC Superheroes Journey.

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Program Description

Throughout the CAC 2020-2021 season (September 2020 – June 2021), community leaders will earn points for participating in various CAC-related activities and serving their communities, which will help you grow as a leader and strengthen STC communities. As you earn points, the Bureau of STC Superheroes (AKA the CAC team) will award virtual badges as you progress on your own superhero journey. As with all superhero journeys, there will be a few surprises along the way.


All STC members who participate in CAC activities, including the CAC team members (who are also volunteers in their own STC communities) may participate in the program and earn badges.


Enrollment is voluntary. To begin your superhero journey, complete the CAC Superhero Enlistment form. You will receive a welcome badge to start your mission.

Superheroes Journey

The superhero journey is one of growth. All superheroes must master levels in order to achieve their ultimate goal. Danielle Villegas, the CAC Superhero Information Broker, will be their guide and keep track of their progress.

Level Description Points to qualify
Agent You have begun your journey. All superheroes have a “Person at the computer” in their ear as they fight crime. Iron Man has Pepper Potts, Batman has Alfred, and you apply your skills in the service of your chapter or SIG (COP & COI). 3
Sidekick Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Batman and Robin. Superheroes often rely on trusted companions to help them accomplish their mission.
Just as superhero sidekicks play a pivotal role, you use the skills and experience you have gained during your journey to contribute to your community’s success.
Superhero As with all superhero journeys your progress may have been challenging at times. However, your hard work and dedication has earned you superhero status. You continued to gain new skills, shared your knowledge as a webinar presenter, or engaged with other leaders via virtual meet-ups. 9
League of STC Communities Congratulations! You have reached the ultimate destination in your superheroes journey. You have strengthened your leadership skills and community (or communities). Join your superhero colleagues to unleash the powerful forces of STC community! 12

The Superheroes Journey Point Chart

The following chart lists the CAC-related activities and points awarded for each. Unless noted, your points will be automatically awarded.

Item No. Activity Point Value
1. Serve in a community leader role for the CAC Incentive Program year (September 2020 – June 2021) (as defined by your community).
*Serve in 2 or more positions = 2 points
2. Serve as a first-time volunteer in a leader role for your community during the CAC Incentive Program year (September 2020 – June 2021). 1
3. Participate in the annual budget and receive approval.  2
4. Register for a CAC educational webinar. 1
5. Email Danielle, the CAC Superhero Information Broker, about how you used a tip, tool, or activity you heard about in a CAC webinar or meet-up in your community. 2
6. Present a CAC educational webinar. 3
7. Attend a CAC virtual meet-up. 1
8. Host a CAC virtual meet-up. 2
9. Attend the in-person Summit Leadership Day. 3
10. Register for the virtual CAC Leadership Program. 3

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