Get Prepped for the CAA Award! Join us for August 24th webinar.

Alison Phillips, chair of the 2020-2021 CAA/Pacesetter Award Committee, will highlight what is new on the 2021 CAA application, provide some tips for preparing your community’s CAA application, and will answer your questions. Alison will also introduce the 2021-2022 committee chair. We look forward to your participation in this interactive session!

The CAC webinar is scheduled for August 24, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EDT.

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Speaker Bio:

Alison Phillips is a senior member of the STC and has served in leadership roles for the STC Michigan Great Lakes chapter since 2014. She served on the STC CAA/Pacesetter Awards Committee as a committee member from 2019-2020 and as the committee chair from 2020-2021. Her career as a technical communicator has included authoring end-user documentation in the automotive and medical sectors, managing documentation and translation projects, and leading authoring teams. She is currently a customer literature authoring and illustration team leader at General Motors.