HTTPS and Your Website

If your community is not running its using HTTPS instead of HTTP, you should consider the upgrade, especially if you are hosting your site through STC. The STC web host offers free HTTPS through a free SSL certificate system.

Generate a New SSL

  1. Sign in to your cPanel Account, which can be found at .
  2. Perform a search for the topic SSL.
  3. Click on the icon labeled, SSL/TLS Status.
  4. Click on the icon labeled, Run AutoSSL.
  5. Once you click on the icon an SSL certificate will be generated by LetsEncrypt.
    1. This step may take up to 15 minutes to complete.
    2. Once the process is complete you will see no errors in the certificate status.
  6. The path for this action is Cpanel > SSL/TLS status > Run autoSSL.

Activate HTTPS in WordPress

Once you have your SSL certificate, you must tell WordPress to use HTTPS when rendering your website.

  1. Sign into WordPress
  2. Navigate to Settings > General.
  3. In the WordPress Address (URL) field, change the URL to be https://.
  4. In the Site Address (URL) field, change the URL to be https://.
  5. Click Save Changes.

SSL Is Not AutoRenewing

Sometimes an SSL gets stuck when auto-renewing. In that situation, navigate to SSL/TLS and delete the keys. Then generate new SSL certificates in SSL/TLS Status as described above.

Other References

Revised Community Resources Available

The Community Affairs Committee (CAC) is happy to announce that several community resources have been updated and are now available.

The Community Planning Calendar has been updated and appears on the CAC website under Leadership Resources > Community Planning Calendar. This calendar offers a general guideline as to what communities should be doing throughout the year. General dates for completing applications are included, along with participating in Society-level communities. Additionally, the calendar on the CAC website has been updated to reflect some of the tasks and deadlines on the Community Planning Calendar.

Additionally, the Leadership Resources page on has been reviewed, reorganized, and revitalized. As part of the review process, documents were edited and then combined into the Community Handbook. Outdated links were removed and updated templates were added. References to the CAC Leadership Program and the CAC webinars were changed to point to the CAC website where they will be maintained going forward.

Document Retention Policies

STC has received requests about recommend document retention policies. Meanwhile, the CAC has been working to consolidate community leadership documents, and we have added a document retention template to the soon-to-be-published Community Handbook.

One resource recommended by STC is Among other recommendations, it suggests that organizations should never discard these records:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Audit reports, from independent audits
  • Corporate resolutions
  • Checks
  • Determination Letter from the IRS, and correspondence relating to it
  • Financial statements (year-end)
  • Insurance policies
  • Minutes of board meetings and annual meetings of members
  • Real estate deeds, mortgages, bills of sale
  • Tax returns

When the new Community Handbook is published, we will let you know!