SIG COI One-Year Anniversary Celebration!

SIG COI One-Year Anniversary Celebration!

Hello STC leaders,

Join the CAC (Community Affairs Committee) for this fun, informative event on September 23, 6:00-7:00 PM EDT.
All STC members are welcome so please share this invitation with your communities.

The SIG COIs are virtual networking groups, each focused on a particular tech comm topic. Learn more about SIG COIs.

  • Learn more about the SIG COIs and how they can broaden your tech comm experience.
  • Meet and chat with SIG COI facilitators during the program’s breakout session.

Attendees will be entered in our special door prize raffle for an STC 2022 Gold Membership ($395 value)! Must be present to win.

Register for this event.

See you there! Drop in and congratulate the SIG COI leaders on their milestone.

STC Gold membership includes access to all Professional & Academic benefits, plus 6 printed issues of Intercom magazine, free registration for all live webinars, 20% additional discount on all online courses, free access to the Salary Database, an extended Early Bird registration rate for the Technical Communication Summit & Expo, and one chapter and all selected Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of your choice.



Get Prepped for the CAA Award! Join us for August 24th webinar.

Alison Phillips, chair of the 2020-2021 CAA/Pacesetter Award Committee, will highlight what is new on the 2021 CAA application, provide some tips for preparing your community’s CAA application, and will answer your questions. Alison will also introduce the 2021-2022 committee chair. We look forward to your participation in this interactive session!

The CAC webinar is scheduled for August 24, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EDT.

Click here to register for the webinar.

Speaker Bio:

Alison Phillips is a senior member of the STC and has served in leadership roles for the STC Michigan Great Lakes chapter since 2014. She served on the STC CAA/Pacesetter Awards Committee as a committee member from 2019-2020 and as the committee chair from 2020-2021. Her career as a technical communicator has included authoring end-user documentation in the automotive and medical sectors, managing documentation and translation projects, and leading authoring teams. She is currently a customer literature authoring and illustration team leader at General Motors.

2021 CAC Virtual Leadership Program:  The STC Superheroes Journey


The annual Leadership Program is almost here!

The CAC invites all STC superheroes (AKA leaders and volunteers) to the CAC’s second virtual Leadership Program on May 19 from 5:00-7:00 PM EDT. Members who are interested in becoming more involved in STC leadership and communities are also welcome.

    • Join us as we recognize STC’s award winners and provide community updates.
    • Learn about the CAC’s activities and plans to support the STC communities.
    • Strengthen your own STC superhero powers by attending one of the program’s five breakout sessions.

As with all superhero journeys, there will be a few surprises!

New this year: The CAC will be using the STC Slack #leadership channel to post news about the Leadership Program. New to the STC Slack workspace?  Join on the STC website.

Celebrate National Superheroes Day with the CAC!

The CAC invites all STC Superheroes (AKA STC community leaders and volunteers) for a fun, virtual meet-up on April 28, National Superheroes Day from 6:00 – 7:00 PM EDT.

We’ll celebrate with activities (your superpowers can take a night off), conversation, and door prizes (must be present to win). This is an informal event, so join us as your schedule allows. The meet-up is open to all STC leaders and volunteers (not limited to enrollees in the CAC’s STC Superheroes Journey Incentive Program).

Our generous donors are:

  • XML Press, a book from their catalog; Dr. Judith L. Glick-Smith (MentorFactor, Inc.), lessons from real superheroes with Flow-based Leadership: What the Best Firefighters Can Teach you about Leadership and Making Hard Decisions
  • Sonos, a Sonos One Speaker!

What better way to celebrate the CAC’s 2020-2021 theme “The STC Superhero Journey” than an event dedicated to real and fictional superheroes! See you there.


FUN FACT:  According to the National Day Archives website, The Marvel Comics team created National Superhero Day in 1995 to celebrate heroes in real life and in fiction.