STC Leadership Program 2020

Welcome, everyone to the 2020 STC Leadership Program!

Our free annual Leadership program will be hosted virtually on May 27 from 5:00-7:00pm EDT. This will enable us to:

  • Provide a welcoming and inclusive Leadership program event for all STC leaders who wish to attend beyond Summit attendees
  • Focus on community leadership activities
  • Highlight community programming and networking
  • Accommodate attendees across time zones

This event is for anyone currently in a leadership position in an STC chapter or special interest group (SIG), or if you want to be more involved in the leadership of your chapter or SIG. At the Leadership Program, you’ll be able to talk with your counterparts about what they do, meet the award-winning communities’ leadership, and get details about the successes they’ve had.

The Community Affairs Committee, the STC office, and the Board of Directors invite all community leaders to this time of celebration, education, and community. We encourage all leaders past, present and future to join us online for a time of connecting and learning. Traditionally, this event is part of the Summit, but this year we are excited to host our 2020 Leadership Program as a separate event.

To make available all of the opportunities we provide during an in-person program, we will be holding a series of webinars and networking opportunities over the next couple of months to provide broader, more in-depth training and networking for our current and potential community leaders. 

Register now for our Leadership Program events on the STC website.

  • Annual Business Meeting
    • June 3, 5:00-6:00pm EDT
  • New Community of Practice and Community of Interest Model Overview
    • June 8, 7:00-8:00pm EDT
  • Leadership Happy Hour Social with Todd DeLuca
    • June 9, 7:30-8:30pm EDT

Dates To Be Announced

  • Building and Sustaining Your Community by Training New Leaders with Dan Voss and John Clement
  • Membership Recognitions with Lori Meyer
  • Recruiting Members through LinkedIn with Bobbi Werner

2020 Distinguished Community Service Awards

Congratulations to all of the volunteers who earned a Distinguished Community Service Awards (DCSA). The STC Community Affairs Committee is thrilled to share this tribute to our award-winning volunteers for all of their accomplishments in 2019. Please join us in celebrating the amazing work of our volunteers.

2020 DCSA Winners

  • Jeanne Gonnason
  • Christina Mayr
  • Michael Opsteegh
  • Rachel Houghton
  • Louise H. Tincher
  • Richard Bogacz
  • Jason Vensel
  • Mona Albano
  • Vanitha Krishnamurthy
  • John Garrison

About the Distinguished Community Service Awards

The Distinguished Community Service Awards (also known as DCSA) recognize the hard work and commitment of STC’s community leaders. These award recognize an individual’s exemplary effort, energy, and dedication to their community and its activities. The Distinguished Community Service Award is the highest level of recognition that a member can receive for service to their community.

2020 Community Achievement Awards

Congratulations to all of the communities who earned a Community Achievement Award. The STC Community Affairs Committee is thrilled to share this tribute to our award-winning communities for all of their accomplishments in 2019. Please join us in celebrating the amazing work of our volunteers.

2020 Winners


  • Policies & Procedures SIG


  • Arizona


  • Technical Editing SIG
  • TTU Student


  • Carolina
  • Chicago
  • Florida
  • India
  • North Texas Lone Star
  • Northeast Ohio
  • Philadelphia Metro
  • Rochester
  • STC San Diego
  • Southeast Michigan
  • Washington DC-Baltimore

About the Community Achievement Awards

The Community Achievement Award recognizes a SIG, professional or student chapter’s outstanding accomplishments in achieving the Society’s goals through a wide range of programs and activities. Based on the amount of points a chapter earns for their activities, they can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Stay Safe

We understand that we share a responsibility to protect our friends, families, and communities from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. The health and safety of our STC members and friends is our top priority, and we want to make sure we do our part to help prevent the spread of this disease.

As we face concerns about the coronavirus outbreak and how to remain safe, we are here to support our communities in conducting fully virtual meetings until such time as in-person gatherings are once advised.

Virtual Meetings

In this difficult time, as technical communicators we are uniquely qualified to cope with the challenges of using technology to connect. We know many chapters have experience with virtual meetings, but for others we know that the number of tools for meeting online can be overwhelming. Most of our communities are using one of the tools below:

If you would like more information or help with planning a virtual program, please send us an email.