Who’s There for Communities? Viqui Dill, Leadership Resources

Who’s There for Communities? Meet the CAC Team for 2016 -2017

Community leaders will be glad to hear that once again, the STC Community Affairs Committee (CAC) has got their back in 2016-2017. If you need help, feel stuck, or just want ideas, look to the CAC as your connection to STC resources, Board of Directors, and staff.

Let’s introduce this year’s team so you can reach out.

Viqui Dill

Leadership Resources

Viqui Dill is refreshing the library of tribal knowledge within STC community leadership. We have timeless wisdom collected over years of evolving chapter and SIG success, as well as some new fresh tricks and tips about the latest in global team collaboration. Look for a variety of handbooks, guides, and templates on the official STC Leadership Resources page https://www.stc.org/leadership-resources/ Explore the best practice documents and webinars about skills and tools on our STC CAC website http://www.cac-stc.org/

Viqui is a proud member of the Washington DC – Baltimore geographic chapter and the Instructional Design and Learning SIG. Look for her at the Summit and share a coffee.

Contact Viqui if you’re looking for tools and guidance about specific needs within your community.

Read more about Viqui at http://wdcb.stcwdc.org/about-us/chapter-bios/dill-bio/

Tweet to Viqui at @Viqui_Dill