STC Scholarship Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Scholarship Committee recommends to the Board policies and procedures for awarding Society-level scholarships and grants, provides oversight and recommendations for geographic community scholarships and grants, reviews applications for scholarships and grants, and recommends recipients to the Board.

Roles and Responsibilities of Committee


  • The Chair is the Committee representative to the Board and leads Scholarship Committee activities.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Recommend STC policies and procedures for awarding scholarships, as an organization and as constituent chapters.
  • Promulgate policies and procedures for Society-level scholarships and grants.
  • Promulgate effective scholarship and grant practices for geographic communities.
  • Recommend new scholarships or consolidated society-level scholarships to the Board, as appropriate.
  • Review scholarship and grant applications and recommend recipients for Society-level scholarships and grants to the Board.
  • In the event that a geographic community does not have a qualified applicant pool for a grant or scholarship that the geographic community is offering, at the request of the geographic community the committee will assist in publicizing the scholarship or grant and evaluating qualified applicants.
  • Maintain a list of active STC scholarship and grants, develop promotional content, and work with the STC Communications Director to promote the scholarship and grant opportunities.

Current Composition

Committee Chair:  Ben Woelk

Committee Members:

  • Timothy Esposito, CAC member, President, Philadelphia Metro Chapter 2016-2017
  • Christina Mayr, President, Carolina Community 2016-2017
  • Sylvia Miller, IDL SIG, STC Fellow
  • Michael Opsteegh, Immediate Past President, Orange County Community 2016-17
  • Julie Watts, Professor, English and Philosophy Department, Program Director, MS Professional and Technical Communication, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Twin Cities Community
  • Bethany Aguad, Central Florida, Tech Editing SIG.

Staff Support:  Chris Lyons

Contact information

Chair: Ben Woelk