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IDL SIG: Student Outreach Article Competition

Update: See the related webinar on November 11, 2016. 

IDL SIG Student Outreach Article Competition


The Instructional Design & Learning (IDL) special interest group of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) invites graduate- and undergraduate-level students to become published before graduating. Here are the basics of the program:

  • Undergraduate- or graduate-level students submit an original article to us about some aspect of instructional design. If we choose to publish it in our newsletter, IDeaL: Design for Learning, the student receives a complimentary STC student membership, which includes a membership in the IDL Special Interest Group (SIG).
  • With the student’s permission, once we publish their article we will submit it to STC’s Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBOK). If the editors decide to include the student’s article in the TCBOK, he or she earns an additional year’s STC/IDL membership (or an equivalent award if they no longer qualify for student membership because they’ve graduated).
  • Once published, students can link to their article from their résumé and possibly on their LinkedIn profile page—ideally gaining an edge in becoming employed after graduation.

Go to to get the entry packet for submitting an article. Kindly do the following to inform others of this offer:

  • Share this information with your friends and acquaintances who are students or who work closely with college students.
  • Stress the deadline of December 31, 2016.

We look forward to helping students take advantage of this win-win opportunity to be published before graduating!


Sylvia Miller
Student Outreach Committee Chair

STC Scholarship Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Scholarship Committee recommends to the Board policies and procedures for awarding Society-level scholarships and grants, provides oversight and recommendations for geographic community scholarships and grants, reviews applications for scholarships and grants, and recommends recipients to the Board.

Roles and Responsibilities of Committee


  • The Chair is the Committee representative to the Board and leads Scholarship Committee activities.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Recommend STC policies and procedures for awarding scholarships, as an organization and as constituent chapters.
  • Promulgate policies and procedures for Society-level scholarships and grants.
  • Promulgate effective scholarship and grant practices for geographic communities.
  • Recommend new scholarships or consolidated society-level scholarships to the Board, as appropriate.
  • Review scholarship and grant applications and recommend recipients for Society-level scholarships and grants to the Board.
  • In the event that a geographic community does not have a qualified applicant pool for a grant or scholarship that the geographic community is offering, at the request of the geographic community the committee will assist in publicizing the scholarship or grant and evaluating qualified applicants.
  • Maintain a list of active STC scholarship and grants, develop promotional content, and work with the STC Communications Director to promote the scholarship and grant opportunities.

Current Composition

Committee Chair:  Ben Woelk

Committee Members:

  • Timothy Esposito, CAC member, President, Philadelphia Metro Chapter 2016-2017
  • Christina Mayr, President, Carolina Community 2016-2017
  • Sylvia Miller, IDL SIG, STC Fellow
  • Michael Opsteegh, Immediate Past President, Orange County Community 2016-17
  • Julie Watts, Professor, English and Philosophy Department, Program Director, MS Professional and Technical Communication, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Twin Cities Community
  • Bethany Aguad, Central Florida, Tech Editing SIG.

Staff Support:  Chris Lyons

Contact information

Chair: Ben Woelk


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Attempted Fraud Advisory–Spoofed Messages from Community Leaders Requesting Funds Transfers

By Ben Woelk

The STC Rochester Treasurer received a request that appeared to come from the STC Rochester President to transfer funds to a beneficiary. The email was fraudulent and only appeared to come from the STC Rochester President email address. However, the attacker had the names of the president and treasurer correct.

Here’s the message text:

From: NAME <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 08:51:58 -0600


TREASURER NAME, I'll need you to process a transfer of 1,900USD to a vendor. Let me know if you are available so i can send you the beneficiary details immediately.

Kind Regards.
Sent from my iPhone

As a security professional, I’ve seen this type of attack across many industries, but attackers are now targeting small businesses and non-profit organizations.

What Should I do to Keep Safe?

The best defense against this type of attack is having sufficient financial controls/processes in place so that someone cannot inadvertently respond and send any funds. (Note that the funds will not be recoverable.) If you don’t have processes in place to ensure that requests for funds are reviewed before being released, you need to put those processes in place now.

If you do fall victim to an attack, you should notify your local law enforcement and your financial institution. Change your email and banking passwords immediately.

If you receive an unexpected email with an attachment, verify with the sender before opening the attachment. Your antivirus program (and you need one, even if you’re using a Mac) may not detect the attachment as malicious, so you’ll need to scan your computer.


Ben Woelk, CISSP
Information Security Office Program Manager
Rochester Institute of Technology
Senior Member, Society for Technical Communication
Author of Shockproofing Your Use of Social Media: Staying Safe Online, available on Amazon Kindle.

Join us May 15th for the STC Leadership Program

The STC CAC invites all leaders past, present and future to join us for a morning of connecting and learning. Please join us for the #STC16 Leadership Program on Sunday May 15, 2016 from 8:00 am – 12:30 pm PDT at the Anaheim Marriott Platinum 3 & 4.

The program handout is now available in pdf format. STC16 Leadership Program Trifold

See more about the event on the STC Summit schedule.